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Training Solutions

CWG & Associates offers training on the subjects listed below and can develop tailored training sessions on a wide variety of federal contracting topics.

Federal Acquistion Regulations - Provides learners with the opporunuty to:

  • Understand the institutional framework of federal contracting
  • Indentify standards unique to federal contracting
  • Work within the the spirit and intent of the ethics in government contracting and conflicts of interest
  • Understand the impact of non-compliance

Introduction to cost & pricing - The training provides the learners with background information on:

  • How to review the contract for government cost & pricing requirements 

  • Indirect rates

  • Contract change orders

  • Government audits

  • Cost Accounting Standards

  • Unallowable costs

Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) - Training developed to improve Federal contract management efficiency and compliance by providing training on:

  • Davis-Bacon Act origins and history

  • Subcontract flowdown requirements
  • Applicable regulations

  • Useful desktop references

  • Compliance tips and tools

Federal Reporting Requirements - The training outlines the requirements and tips for the following FAR required reports:

  • Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) 

  • Statement and Acknowledgement (SF 1413 subcontract award notification)

  • Individual Subcontract Report (ISR)

  • Summary Subcontract Report (SSR)

  • Small Disadvantaged Business Report

  • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program



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